Art Leasing


Lease of artworks or renting art is an excellent alternative to purchasing. Especially in the corporate, institutional and commercial sector. It offers an alternative to those interested in using the art for a limited time frame, as well as getting the associated tax benefits that come with leasing.

We offer short or long-term rental options for individuals or corporations, whether your intent is to decorate your home, beautify your event, or make your office space inspire some new ideas. Our team can provide art options and various leasing opportunities to best fit your requirements. Reach out for a free consultation and site visit to determine your needs. We will follow up within a few days with a detailed break down of art recommendations that best fit your environment’s style, budget, and leasing period. 

Corporate Art Leasing

We represent artists whose work is perfectly suited for corporate rental. Whether you are a hospital, government or city office, restaurant, nightclub, hotel, or any other commercial property we can offer rotating exhibitions of all mediums. Our network of artists ideate innovative concepts to appeal to your clientele, staff, family, and friends.

Home/Event Staging 

If you are a homeowner or realtor preparing to put a house on the market, or host an event we can help make the space look the most appealing to discerning buyers and guests. Our Art Consultants will offer a free consultation, and we will send over a list of options within days. This will ensure that your event, or home looks its very best. Rent one piece or fill your home with amazing art, from large scale paintings to sculpture or alluring photography that will give your space an intriguing edge for your clients and/or friends.

Email us with a brief explanation of what you require. We will get back to you shortly!

Leasing Terms

Clients are responsible for insuring artwork’s full cost, as well as delivery and installation.

Leasing cost: The Minimum Price of Artwork/s for a lease agreement is $2,000. The monthly payment for leasing varies anywhere from 3-5% of price for the leased work.

Term: The artwork can be leased for three (3) ,(6), (12) months. A down payment of at least 3 months is required upfront, to be paid when the signed agreement is submitted. Maximum leasing term: there is no limit to the time that a client can lease the artwork; however, only the first year leases charges will be applied as a credit if you choose to exercise the right toward a buyout of artwork.

Termination: You, may purchase the leased artwork at any time.

Installation: The cost is $150/Hour for installations in LA.

Buyout: You may purchase the leased artwork at any time. All leasing charges paid (excluding installation and miscellaneous charges) during the first year will be credited toward the buyout price.

Insurance: Insurance of the artwork is your responsibility. The artwork must be returned in its’ original condition without any signs of damage. If at the end of the lease it is determined that the artwork has sustained damage while you will be responsible for payment of the full original retail price.

Why it’s worth it:

Tax Incentives – in many cases artwork lease fees are partially or sometimes entirely tax deductible for companies. Lease fees can be tax deductible for the individual renter with a home office or home-based business. Consult your accountant for specifics on artwork lease fee deductions.